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We are on the hunt for more Bees. Could you be a Streetbees ambassador and help spread the word in your country?

Can I be an Ambassador?

  • Are you socially connected, and able to influence people?
  • A whizz with Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram?
  • Studying or working and have a spare 2-3 hours a week?

What do Ambassadors do?

  • It’s simple. Spread the word about Streetbees through referring friends and family to participate in our missions.
  • If you want to learn even more, you can help with on demand tasks, such as running social media campaigns in your country.

What’s in it for me?

  • Get paid! Every single time you refer a friend or complete a task.
  • Gain experience working with a fast growing tech start up in London.
  • Join an exclusive community of Ambassadors, and benefit from training, a global network, and internship opportunities in London and NYC.

My Streetbees journey started in 2017 and the experience has been enriching with each passing year. I started sharing my views about the products which I used in day to day life to help brands improve by bringing real time insights. Streetbees has done a wonderful job by connecting consumers directly with the brands. Streetbees is wonderful platform to earn some side gigs and the rewards are always on time. The Global Support Team is always happy to help me when I have a query. Its been a beautiful journey and the bond only continues to get strong with each passing day. I am proud to be a BEE.

Khushaan A.


Being a bee has been very amazing from the experiences, tasks, engaging and being part of something that's bigger and very inclusive! The tasks are brief, straightforward and involve my daily life activities and experiences which involve real people. What I like more about Streetbees is you learn a lot at the same time sharing your thoughts and get rewarded for it! And they have a very responsive human support and a very supportive team which helps you with whatever issue you have within a very short period of time! I like Streetbees and I can confidently say it's a part of who I am now and has helped me view life differently and in a more positive way!

Ben O.


I ‘ve always thought that small gestures can change the world and make products better for everyone... With Streetbees I can help brands by sharing my daily activities like sending a photo of my creams or sending a video about how my puppy eats and together with other bees I can collaborate to change for a better world and I get money for it and buy fancy stuff for it! I have been registered in the app for 4 years and the app is a must on my smartphone.

Diana R.

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